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Farm Post Mortems

Courses and CPD

One-day CPD courses are regularly run and are well-received by delegates. The aim is to equip large animal vets with the ability to perform a competent post mortem examination of cattle and sheep, to recognise gross post mortem findings associated with common causes of death, and gain knowledge of the sampling requirements to confirm suspected diagnoses. Disease pathogenesis, which makes understanding of disease processes, is also a major feature. CPD days comprise:



    Registration, Introductions and Breakfast.


   Morning Practical Post Mortem session of lambs, ewes, calves, and older cattle to demonstrate PME technique and    appropriate sample collection, handling and subsequent dispatch to the laboratory (where appropriate) for cost-effective testing. Pen side testing where appropriate.




  Afternoon Classroom session to include:

  • The most common diagnoses made in the last 4 years of post mortem examinations
  • Photographs to demonstrate common post mortem findings, lesions, sample collection etc organised logically by organ system
  • Pathogenesis of disease of the commonest diagnoses
  • Case Studies to relate clinical presentation to gross post mortem findings
  • Brief discussion of approach to control of common production-limiting diseases
  • Changes to UK endemic disease surveillance arrangements and implications for practitioners/ farmers


Cost is £150 + VAT per person. Overnight accommodation can be arranged for those travelling from further afield. Please email to book your place.


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